23rd February 2018FridayWinter Trophy & AGMHome11am
6th March 2018TuesdayLadiesHome10am
13th March 2018TuesdayHarry PearseHome1pm
20th March 2018TuesdayMaienheadAway1.30pm
27th March 2018TuesdayCalcotHome1.15pm
3rd April 2018TuesdayNewburyHome1.15pm
24th April 2018TuesdayGoring & StreatleyAway1pm
1st May 2018TuesdayEast BerksAway1pm
8th May 2018TuesdayHenleyHome1pm
22nd May 2018TuesdayCalcotAway1pm
29th May 2018TuesdaySpring TrophyHome1pm
5th June 2018TuesdayMaidenheadHome1pm
12th June 2018TuesdayGoring & StreatleyHome1pm
15th June 2018FridayEddie RobertsHome1pm
19th June 2018TuesdaySonningAway1pm
28th June 2018ThursdayElesboroughAway1.15pm
3rd July 2018TuesdayEast BerksHome1pm
5th July 2018ThursdayChronicle cupHome1pm
26th July 2018ThursdayINTERCLUBMaidenheadtba
31st July 2018TuesdaySonningHome1pm
3rd August 2018FridayGoring MixedHome1pm
16th August 2018ThursdayTempleHome1.15pm
21st August 2018TuesdayNewburyAway1pm
24th August 2018Friday4BBBHome11am
4th September 2018TuesdayHenleyAway1pm
14th September 2018FridaySummer TrophyHome11am
18th September 2018TuesdayEllesboroughHome1.15pm
8th October 2018MondayTom HowellHome1.15pm
2nd November 2018Friday19+ Capt And AGMHome1pm
20th December 2018Thursday19+/Ladies xmas bashHome10am



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