Seniors Section for 2018

The 2018 AGM was held on Wednesday 21st November. 

Immediately before the meeting, Club Captain Dave Kennedy presented Trophies to the recipients, announced by Competition Secretary, Barrie Lister.

The Collis Bowl was won by Colin Shearer and Mike Smith.  With Colin away, Mike collected the Trophy on behalf of them both.  The runners up were Brian Nash and Peter McGeachie (the new Seniors’ Captain for 2019).



The Gerry Wild Salver was won by Malcolm Bell, with Eddie Brooks runner up.



The John Cunningham Salver was won by Mike Barraclough.



The Parfitt Salver was won by John Beville, with runner up, John Gault.  John was not able to attend the AGM.



The Alan Peters Cup, this year awarded for the Flag Competition, was won by Richard Parry.



The Millenium Putter was won by Bill Blessett.

The Harry Greenwood Trophy was won by and awarded to Dave Hussey in absentia. 

2018 Results to Date

DayDate2018 EventStatus
Wed5th Dec 2018December stablefordOvernight rain and some temporary greens resulted in this being cancelled.
Wed21st Nov 2018Golf/Lunch/AGMJohn Kiley and Mike Barraclough were the winner and runner up in the morning golf. We were honoured to have Club Captain Dave Kennedy to present the Trophies for the year after lunch. Photographs can be viewed above, on this Website. The new committee was elected at the AGM.
Wed14th Nov 2018November stablefordWon by David Bennett with 41 points; Jeff Smith second on 40 points.
Sat10th Nov 2018Seniors DinnerDespite fewer attendees than usual, excellent food and wine enjoyed by all.
Mon22nd Oct 2018Flag competitionWon by Richard Parry who used his final stroke to putt out on the 18th hole.
Wed10th Oct 2018October stablefordWon by David Boyd with 39 points; second Eddie Brooks with 37.
Fri5th Oct 2018Loving CupCup held with a 3-3 draw. Geoff Civil/Tony Laverick (L); Ron Gooch/Malcolm Bell (W); Mike Wizard/Bob Reed (L); John Street/John Kiley (W); Mike Barraclough/Chris Phillips (W); Dave Smith/Ron Nappin (L)
Mon1st Oct 2018Oxford City (away)Match cancelled
Fri28th Sept 2018Basingstoke (home)Lost 3.5 - 2.5. Geoff Civil/David Smith (W); Graham Spearpoint/John Stree (W); John Willcocks/Chris Byron (L); Mike Wizard/TK Wong (L); Mike Barraclough/Bob Reed (H); Jim Purchell/Bob Joyce (L)
Mon24th Sept 2018Stanbrook Final @ CalcotCalcot won the team event with 208 points (best 6 scores of 9 players), with East Berks second on 205. We shared third place with Newbury & Crookham and Sonning, all on 197 points. The individual winner was Scott Trathen from Sonning with 39 points. Our best came from John Beville, not far behind, with 36.
Wed19th Sept 2018Millenium PutterWon by Bill Blessett with 38 points; Jeff Smith second with 36.
Mon10th Sept 2018Henley (home)A resounding win 5.5 - 0.5. Peter McGeachie/Bob Joyce (W); Colin Tungate/John Kiley (W); Mike Barraclough/Bob Reed (W); David Cowen/ Gerry Sumpter (W); Malcolm Bell/ David Savory (W); Colin Shearer/ Jeff Burton (H)
Thu7th Sept 2018Oxford City (home)Fixtures cancelled for this year
Wed5th Sept 2018September stablefordWon by Bert Neo with 38 points. Second was John Beville on 37 by countback over Peter McGeachie and Jeff Burton
Wed30th Aug 2018President's PrizeWon by Colin Wicks with 39 points on countback over second placed David Bennett
Mon20th Aug 2018Calcot (away)Lost 5-1: Peter McGeachie/Alan Tolan (H); Colin Reed/Mike Barraclough (H); Mike Wizard/Dave Hussey (L); Paul Johnston/Peter White (L); Bob Joyce/Bob Reed (L); John Street/DavidPlatt (L)
Fri17th Aug 2018Buchanan 5A 3-1 win over the C Team.
Wed15th Aug 2018Seniors ChampionshipWon by Ron Gooch (nett 66) with Jeffrey Smith second (nett 67).
Mon13th Aug 2018Sonning (home)A 5-1 win: Peter McGeachie/Colin Reed (W); Mike Barraclough/Paul Johnston (W); David Cowen/John Kiley (W); Bert Neo/Malcolm Bell (W); David Savory/Les Cole (L); Geoff Civil/Bob Reed (W)
Fri10th Aug 2018Basingstoke (away)A 3-3 draw: Geoff Civil/David Smith (L); Bert Neo/John Street (L); John Willcocks/Chris Byron (W); Mike Wizard/Colin Shearer (L); Mike Barraclough/Bob Reed (W); Jim Purchell/Bob Joyce (W).
Wed1st Aug 2018August stablefordWon by Jim Purchell with 41 points; Mike Whitfield second with 39.
Mon30th July 2018Frilford Heath (home)Won 3.5 - 2.5: Ron Gooch/Jeff Smith (W), Mike Barraclough/Jeff Burton (W), Graham Spearpoint/Bert Neo (H), Geoff Civil/Colin Shearer (W), David Savory/Brian Nash (L), Bob Reed/Roy Weaver (L)
Wed25th July 2018Michael Tierney CentenaryWon by Mike Barraclough (nett 66); second Sandy Brown (nett 69)
Mon23rd July 2018Newbury (away)Lost 4-2: Geoff Civil/John Willcocks (W), Ron Gooch/Jeff Burton (L), Colin Tungate/Colin Reed (L), Mike Barraclough/Paul Johnston (L), John Beville/David Platt (L) Mike Wizard/David Savory (W)
Fri20th July 2018Buchanan 4No Seniors match
Mon16th July 2018Castle Royle (home)A 5-1 win: Geoff Civil/David Savory (W), Bert Neo/Alan Tolan (W), Mike Barraclough/Les Cole (W), David Cowen/John Street (W), Colin Shearer/Jeff Burton (W), Mike Wizard/David Platt (L)
Mon9th July 2018East Berks (home)Lost 3.5 - 2.5.
Peter McGeachie/Mike Barraclough (H), John Beville/Les Cole (L), Mike Wizard/John Street (L), TK Wong/Alan Tolan (W), Gerry Sumpter/David Savory (L), Peter White/Jeff Burton (W).
Fri6th July 2018HP Soundy CupWon by John Gault on countback over Jeff Burton, both on 36 points. Third was David Cowen on 35 points.
Wed4th July 2018July StablefordWon by Jeff Burton on 42 points with Peter White second on 39.
Mon2nd July 2018Calcot (home)Won 3.5-2.5...
Peter McGeachie/Alan Tolan (W), Colin Tungate/Mike Barraclough (W),Mike Wizard/David Hussey (L), Bert Neo/Richard Parry (L), David Platt/John Street (W), Paul Johnston/Peter White (H)
Fri29th June 2018Buchanan 3Lost 3-1 to the A/B team
Mon25th June 2018Henley (away)A narrow loss, 3.5 - 2.5.
Wed20th June 2018Goring & Streatley (home)A 3-3 draw.
Mon18th June 2018Castle Royle (away)Lost 2-4.
Geoff Civil/Dave Savory (L), Bert Neo/Alan Tolan (W), Mike Barraclough/Les Cole (L),
Dave Cowen/JohnStreet (L), Colin Shearer/Jeff Burton (W), Mike Wizard/David Platt (L)
Wed13th June 2018Goring & Streatley (away)An excellent 4-2 win; 3 wins, 2 halves and one loss.
Mon11th June 2018Yellow BallWon by John Willcocks, Eddie Brooks and Roy Weaver with a 114 points total.
Fri8th June 2018Buchanan 2We came up against stiff opposition with the 19+ team, losing 3 matches and halving one.
Wed6th June 2018June StablefordWon by David Hussey with 38 points on countback over John Gault
Mon21st May 2018Newbury (home)We won 3.5 - 2.5 giving Newbury their first defeat this season.
Geoff Civil/John Willcocks (L), Ron Gooch/John Kiley (W), Mike Barraclough/Paul Johnston (L), Colin Tungate/Colin Reed (W), John Beville/T K Wong (W), David Cowen/Reg Iveson (H)
Wed16th May 2018Sonning (away)A narrow defeat 3.5 - 2.5 with some very close matches.
Fri11th May 2018Mixed PairsWon by Sian James and Mike Barraclough with 39 points.
Fri4th May 2018Buchanan 1A fine 2-2 draw against the Ladies, with wins from Ron Gooch & Jeff Smith, and Keith Lambden & Adrian Darby.
Wed2nd May 2018May stablefordIn terrible weather conditions this was won by Reg Iveson with 35 points, over David Savory on 33.
Mon30th Apr 2018Calcot (home)This match is postponed until Monday July 2nd.
Thu26th Apr 2018League golf & dinner @ ReadingA highly successful day with 64 for golf and lunch, enjoyed by all.
Wed18th Apr 2018East Berks (away)An excellent start to the season with a 3-3 draw.
Mon16th Apr 2018April stablefordWon by John Beville with 35 points over Geoff Civil on 34.
Wed11th Apr 2018Frilford Heath (away)A 4-2 win for Reading on the Green Course.
Wed14th Mar 2018March stablefordWon by Clive Birchfield on 36 points. Mike Taylor was second on countback over John Beville, both on 35 points.
Wed14th Feb 2018February stablefordWon by Richard Parry on countback over Bob Reed, both with 42 points.
Wed10th Jan 2018January stablefordWon by Bill Blackmore with 39 points. Second place John Kiley with 35 points on countback over Brendan McKevitt.
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