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Welcome to the 2019 Seniors’ webpage

Welcome to the Seniors Section.  RGC Seniors participate in League and Friendly matches against local clubs, run monthly Stablefords, and a number of other competitions designed to provide a variety of golfing activities throughout the year.  For a snapshot of the events for 2019 use this link: RGC Seniors Calendar 2019.

The section is run by a small committee elected each year at the AGM and is governed by the 2019 Seniors Guidelines and Rules v.1 which will provide much more information on the organisation and activities of the section.  Committee members are identified below and may be able to help if you have any general questions.

This web page will aim to highlight upcoming activities, along with match and competition results.  It also has a link back to the 2018 web page.

If you have any queries regarding an entry here please direct them to the Seniors’ Web Editor, Geoff Civil, using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

2019 Commentary on Events and Results

Photographs from the 2019 Trophy Presentations and AGM are in the November section of this table.

Final Top 3 League Table Positions

PositionClubPlayed (home)Played (away)Played (Total)Points
1Newbury & Crookham661242 1/2
2East Berks661242
Wed 16th Jan – Stableford
Out of 28 players, Bert Neo had one of those rounds where he could do no wrong, apart from a coupe of missed short putts, and won with a magnificent 41 points.  Trailing in second place was Mike Barraclough on 37 points, with Max Lim third with 36.
Wed 13th Feb – StablefordCongratulations to Tony Laverick with a magnificent 44 points and to Max Lim coming second on 41 points.  The best of the rest was Bob Joyce with 35.
Wed 6th Mar – StablefordThis is the first of eight Parfitt qualifiers; the best 5 of 8 scores determines the winner and runner-up.  Due to the course being altered during the morning this stableford has been declared null and void, and will be re-played on Wed 13th March.
Wed 13th Mar – Stableford re-runWon by Mike Barraclough with 36 points; second Dave Cowen (35), and third Bob Joyce (34).  Due to the conditions this was a non-qualifier for handicap purposes, but is the first of eight Parfitt qualifiers.
Mon 1st April – StablefordBrought forward from Wednesday this week.  This is the first of five Stanbrook qualifiers; the best 3 of 5 scores determines the winner of the John Cunningham trophy, and the top 9 scorers invited to play in the Stanbrook Final if they meet the additional League conditions.  Won by Mike Whitfield on countback over Geoff Civil, both on 36 points.  They were closely followed by David Pope and David Cowen on 35 points.
Wed 3rd Apr – Caversham Heath Seniors Away Day at RGC.Shotgun start at 8:30am, followed by lunch and prize giving.  Dress: smart casual.  This was a very enjoyable day providing an excellent opportunity to meet up with fellow Caversham Heath golfers.
Wed 10th Apr – Frilford Heath (away)This is the first Friendly match of the season.  Friendly matches generally start at 10:00 am, unless otherwise advised.  Volunteer captains are requested for Friendlies.  The selected pairings are: David Platt (Capt.)/Ron Gooch, John Street/Mike Wizard, David Bennett/John Rusby, Mike Barraclough/Richard Parry, Max Lim/Brian Nash, Bert Neo/Jeff Smith.  With good weather and company the day was enjoyed by all, and RGC celebrated a 4-2 win.
Wed 17th Apr – East Berks (away)The opening match of our League Season.  All League matches start at 9:00 am, unless otherwise advised.  Our League Captain for 2019 is Ron Gooch.  The pairings were: Ron Gooch/John Rusby (W), Mike Barraclough/Bert Neo (W), Geoff Civil/John Beville (L), Max Lim/Mike Wizard (L), Mark Richards/Bob Joyce (W), Dave Savory/Jim Purchell (L).  The overall result was, therefore, a 3-3 draw. 
Thur 25th April – League Golf & DinnerThe Annual Event to be held this year at Sonning.   A very enjoyable day was had by all.  John Beville was the only RGC member to participate in the prizes, being part of the second placed team. 
Mon 29th Apr – Calcot (home)League Match pairings were: Jeff Smith (Capt.)/Bert Neo, Colin Reed/John Willcocks, Dave Savory/John Beville, Max Lim/Mike Wizard, Dave Bennett/Bob Joyce, Mike Barraclough/Bill Blessett.  Congratulations go to all RGC Seniors players in this match for a fine 6-0 win.
Tue 30th AprilFinal date for completion of the 2018-19 Collis competition, and for the draw for the Gerry Wild singles.  The Collis  trophy was played for in good time on Friday 26th April.  The finalists were Les Cole and David Savory versus Peter McGeachie and Tony Laverick.  Congratulations go to Les and David who took the lead on the first hole and never looked back, winning by 4 & 2.
Wed 1st May – Stableford This proved to be a high scoring competition attracting 49 players.  The winner was Chris Hewitt with 41 points, with David Pope on 40 points in second place.
Fri 3rd May – Buchanan TrophyFirst round match vs the Ladies.  These matches are played on Friday evenings, teeing off at 4:00 pm.  Graham Spearpoint is our coordinator for these matches.  Seniors pairings and their results were: Peter McGeachie & Tony Laverick (L), Dave Bennett & Mike Jones (W), Mike Barraclough & Mike Taylor (W), John Rusby & Hilary Rusby (L).  The overall result being an honourable 2-2 draw.
Fri 10th May – Mixed PairsA friendly get-together with the Ladies in a mixed-pair Greensomes event.  Current pairings are: Barbara Salisbury & Peter McGeachie, Sian James & David Smith; Pat Holzherr & Geoff Civil, Ling Williams & Mike Barraclough;  Marilyn Hocking & Bob Reed, Valerie Acton & Albert Kerroum; Hilary Rusby & Colin Shearer, Diane Wizard & John Kiley.  After an excellent morning’s golf followed by a light lunch of sandwiches and chips, the winners were announced as Diane Wizard and John Kiley with 37 points.  
Mon 13th May – Sonning (away)League match.  Pairings were: Ron Gooch (Capt.)/Jeff Smith (L), Jim Purchell/Colin Reed (L), Paul Johnstone/Geoff Civil (H), Mike Barraclough/Bert Neo (W), Bob Joyce/Bill Blessett (L), Albert Kerroum/Les Cole (H).  The final outcome was a 4-2 loss.
Mon 20th May – Newbury (home)League match.  Pairings for this match were: Ron Gooch (Capt.) & Jeff Smith, Mike Barraclough & Max Lim, David Bennett & Colin Shearer, John Beville & John Street, John Willcocks & Bill Blessett, Bob Joyce & David Savory.  RGC won 4-2.
Wed 29th May – HP Soundy CupClub-run competition for Seniors won by Mike Whitfield over second placed Neil Westmancoat on countback, both scoring 39 points.  There were several players on 37 points, with Bert Neo listed as third.
Mon 3rd Jun – Castle Royle (away)A most enjoyable friendly match with excellent course conditions and hospitality.  Our pairings and results  were: Peter McGeachie (capt.) & Colin Reed (L), Mike Barraclough & Peter White (W), Geoff Civil & Alan Tolan (L), Colin Shearer & Jeff Burton (W), Jeff Smith & Albert Kerroum (L), Malcolm Bell & Ron Nappin (L); so the final result was a 2-4 loss.
Wed 5th Jun – StablefordCongratulations go to our Seniors’ Captain Peter McGeachie in winning the Harry Greenwood Trophy with a magnificent 42 points in a field of 44 players.  He was closely followed by Bob Joyce in second place with 40 points, and the best of the rest was David Smith with 39.
Fri 7th Jun – Buchanan Trophy – called off due to bad weather; now on 12th July.Second round match vs the 19+ Team.  Our pairings are: Peter McGeachie (Sen. Capt) & David Brown (Club Capt.), Hillary Rusby & Mike Jones, Mike Barraclough & Colin Reed, Max Lim & John Rusby. 
Mon 10th Jun – Goring & Streatley (away)The pairings for this League match were: Ron Gooch (Capt.) & Jeff Smith, Sandy Brown & Colin Shearer, Mike Barraclough & Bert Neo, John Rusby & Max Lim, John Willcocks & Bill Blessett, TK Wong & Jeff Burton.  In a close match, RGC emerged victorious with a 3.5 – 2.5 win.
Mon 17th Jun – Goring & Streatley (home)The pairings for this League match were: Ron Gooch (Capt.) & Jeff Smith, TK Wong & Jeff Burton, Sandy Brown & Colin Shearer, Mike Barraclough & Bert Neo, John Rusby & Max Lim, John Willcocks & Bill Blessett.  With home advantage we had a magnificent win, restricting the away side to just a half in one of the 6 matches (5 1/2 – 1/2 win).
Wed 19th Jun – Michael Tierney Centenary TrophyClub-run competition for Seniors and Senior Ladies.  Medal round off white tees  (for men).  Congratulations to John Street, winning with a magnificent nett 64.  Second was John Robinson in countback over Mike Wizard, both on nett 69.
Mon 24th Jun – Henley (away)League match: teeing off at the earlier time of 08:15 am.  The team pairings and results were: Ron Gooch (Capt.) & Jeff Smith (L), Colin Reed & Colin Shearer (W), Peter McGeachie & Geoff Civil (W), Mike Barraclough & Richard Parry (L), David Pope & Albert Kerroum (L), Bob Joyce & Alan Tolan (L).  Overall then we lost by 4 matches to 2.
Fri 28th Jun – Buchanan TrophyThird round match vs the A/B Team.  Our pairings were: Peter McGeachie & Mike Taylor, Hilary Rusby & Mike Jones, Mike Barraclough & John Rusby, Max Lim & Bill Alnutt.  This match finished honours even with a 2-2 draw.
Wed 3rd Jul – StablefordCongratulations go to winner Mark Richards with 42 points, and runner-up Bill Blessett on 41.  With perfect golf conditions this was a high-scoring event with a good number of the 42 competitors returning scores in the high 30’s.
Mon 8th Jul – East Berks (home)League match.  The pairings were: Peter McGeachie (Capt.) & Colin Tungate (W); Geoff Civil & John Beville (W); Max Lim & Mike Wizard (L); Mark Richards & Bob Joyce (W); Les Cole & Sandy Brown (L); Bill Blessett & Bert Neo (L), and the final result a 3-3 draw.
Fri 12th Jul – re-arranged Buchanan Trophy Round 2.Second round match vs the 19+ Team.  Our pairings are: Peter McGeachie (Sen. Capt) & David Brown (Club Capt.), Graham Spearpoint & Mike Jones, Mike Barraclough & Mike Taylor, Max Lim & Dave Bennett.  The result of this encounter was a 3-1 loss for the Seniors.
Mon 15th Jul – Castle Royle (home)Friendly match teeing off at 10:00 am.  The team of  Peter McGeachie (Capt) & Colin Reed, Paul Johnstone & Alan Tolan, Mike Wizard & David Platt, Jim Piercey & Reg Iveson, Jeff Smith & Albert Kerroum, Malcolm Bell & Ron Nappin, won by 4 games to 2.
Fri 19th Jul – Buchanan TrophyFourth round match vs the C Team.  This is the final match for the Seniors.  The pairings of Peter McGeachie (Capt.) & John Rusby, Hillary Rusby & Mike Jones, Dave Bennett & Max Lim, Mike Barraclough & Tony Laverick secured a 2 1/2 – 1 1/2 win over the C Team.
Mon 22nd Jul – Newbury & Crookham (away)League match.  Team pairings were: Ron Gooch (Capt.) & Jeff Smith (L), Mike Barraclough & Max Lim (W), David Bennett & Colin Shearer (L), John Beville & John Street (L), John Willcocks & Bill Blessett (L), Bob Joyce & David Savory (W).  The final result was Newbury 4 – Reading 2.
Wed 24th Jul – Seniors’ ChampionshipClub-run competition for Seniors.  The winner was Chris Hewitt with a nett 64.  In second place with a nett 68 was Richard Parry on countback over Les Pearce and Rob Bishop.  The prize funds were distributed over the top 8 positions, with Steve Mountford also being rewarded for the best gross score of 81.
Mon 29th Jul – Frilford Heath (home)Friendly match teeing off at 10:00 am resulting in a 4-2 win for RGC.  The pairings were: David Platt (Capt.) & Peter McGeachie, Albert Kerroum & Mike Wizard, Dave Bennett & John Rusby, Mike Barraclough & Richard Parry, Max Lim & Brian Nash, Bert Neo & Jeff Smith.  
Wed 7th Aug – StablefordThis is the final qualifier for determining the Stanbrook winner (John Cunningham trophy) and the team to represent RGC Seniors on the Stanbrook finals day at Goring & Streatley on Mon 23rd Sep.  The winner was Jeff Smith on 42 points, with Steve Mountford second on 40.
Fri 9th Aug – Basingstoke (away)Friendly match.  The pairings were: Peter McGeachie (Capt.) & John Willcocks (L), Bert Neo & Max Lim (H), Ron Gooch & Jeff Smith (W), Mike Wizard & David Platt (H), Mike Barraclough & Jeff Burton (W), Geoff Civil & Mark Richards (W).  Overall, a 4-2 win.
Mon 12th Aug – Sonning (home)League match.  The pairings were: Dave Bennett & Jeff Smith (Capt.) (H), Colin Tungate & Colin Reed (H), Paul Johnstone & Geoff Civil (L), Mike Barraclough & Bert Neo (L), Bob Joyce & Bill Blessett (W), Albert Kerroum & Les Cole (H).  The final score was a 3 1/2 – 2 1/2 loss.
Fri 16th Aug – Buchanan TrophyFinal Round of the Buchanan Trophy.  The Seniors’ Team are not involved in this session, but the Trophy presentation will be made this evening.
Mon 19th Aug – Calcot (away)League match.  The pairings were: Jeff Smith  &  David Platt (H), Mike Taylor & John Willcocks (L), Mike Barraclough & Bill Blessett (W), Max Lim & Mike Wizard (W), Dave Bennett & Bob Joyce (L), Dave Savory & John Beville (L).  The final score was a loss by 3 1/2 to 2 1/2.
Wed 21st Aug – Bogey competition for the Alan Peters CupNormally the ‘Flag’ competition, it’s replaced as a trial this year by a bogey format which will be a qualifying event; book tee times online, and enter scores into the computer.  Congratulations go to winner John Saunders with a score of +5.  In second place, also on +5, was Richard Parry, while third place was taken by Maurice William on +3.
Wed 28th Aug – Final of the Gerry Wild KO CompetitionCongratulations to (appropriately, our Competitions Secretary) John Willcocks, who overcame Max Lim, mainly it appears due to a fine display of putting.
Thu 29th Aug – President’s Prize for SeniorsClub-run competition for Seniors.  The men’s event was won by Stephen Lee on countback over Keith Lambden, both on 42 points.  David Bennett was third with 41 points.
Mon 2nd Sep – Oxford City (away) CANCELLEDFriendly match, usually teeing off around noon.
Wed 4th Sep – StablefordThis was won by Les Cole with 39 points, with Mike Taylor edging out John Kiley for second place, both on 37 points.
Mon 9th Sep – Henley (Home)League Match.  The team selection is: Ron Gooch (Capt.) & Jeff Smith (W), Paul Johnston & David Savory (W), Peter McGeachie & Geoff Civil (W), Mike Barraclough & Richard Parry (W), David pope & TK Wong (W), Bob Joyce & Alan Tolan (L).  The final result was a 5-1 victory for RGC Seniors.
Fri 13th Sep – Oxford City (home) CANCELLEDFriendly match teeing off at 10:00 am.

Mon 16th Sep – Basingstoke (home) MATCH CANCELLED

Friendly match teeing off at 10:00 am.  The team pairings were to be: Peter McGeachie (Capt.) & John Willcocks, Bert Neo & Max Lim, Ron Gooch & Albert Kerroum, Mike Wizard & David Smith, Mike Barraclough & Jeff Burton, Geoff Civil & Mark Richards.
Wed 18th Sep – Millenium PutterStableford using a maximum of 3 clubs plus a putter.  Congratulations to Eddie Brooks winning with 37 points.  Second was Jim Piercy on 36.
Mon 23rd Sep – Stanbrook FinalVenue: Goring & Streatley.  The winning team was Newbury & Crookham with 217 points (best 6 team scores).  RGC were in 5th place with 181.  The individual winner was also from N & C – Harvey Dobson, with 43 points.  Our top scorer was Captain Peter McGeachie in 15th place with 33 points.
Fri 27th Sep – Loving CupOur annual 4BBB challenge match against the Ladies.  The Seniors dominated this year with a 4 1/2 to 1 1/2 win, so we continue to hold the Loving Cup for another year.  Congratulations to Captain Peter McGeachie and all the team comprising Mike Wizard, Bob Joyce, Mark Richards, Jeff Smith, Dave Bennett, Ron Nappin, Mike Barraclough, Bert Neo, Albert Kerroum, David Platt and David Smith.
Mon 30th SepFinal date for completion of the Gerry Wild Summer KO competition.  This was completed at the end of August. 
Wed 2nd Oct – StablefordThis is the final qualifier to determine the winner and runner-up of the Parfitt Salver.  The winner of this stableford was Ron Nappin with 36 points, pushing Geoff Civil into second place on countback.
Mon 7th Oct – Yellow BallYellow Ball competition for drawn teams of three.  The winning team, with 110 points, was Bill Blessett, David Pope and Neil Westmancoat.  Also on 110 points, but beaten on countback, were John Saunders, Bill Blackmore and Geoff Civil.
Wed 6th Nov – Stableford The winner was Colin Shearer with, given the conditions, an excellent score of 36 points.  The runner up was Max Lim with 35 points, on countback over John Labarte.
Wed 20th Nov – AGM Day

This proved to be a highly successful and enjoyable day.  The winner of the Captain’s Swansong Golf was Max Lim with a remarkable 39 points.  Club Captain and Guest for the day, David Brown, came second with 36 points.  After an excellent lunch came the Annual Trophy presentations and prize giving by David Brown, assisted by Seniors’ Competitions Secretary, John Willcocks.  Some photographs of the occasion are below.  Following this was the AGM where a new committee for 2020 was elected.  Our new Captain is Ron Gooch.

Seniors’ Captain Peter McGeachie welcoming Club Captain David Brown to officiate at the Trophy Presentations.

Collis Bowl winners David Savory (L) and Les Cole (R)

Gerry Wild Salver winner, John Willcocks

 The Gerry Wild runner up was Max Lim (R)

The John Cunningham winner was Peter McGeachie

…who also won The Parfitt Salver

The runner up in the Parfitt was Bob Joyce

The Alan Peters Cup for the Bogey Competition was won by John Saunders.  He’s now won this trophy 3 times in different competitions!

Eddie Brooks won the Millenium Putter

The prize for the  Yellow Ball competition was accepted on behalf of the team, which included David Pope and Neil Westmancoat, by Bill Blessett.

Undaunted by his other successes the winner of the Harry Greenwood Trophy was that man again, Peter McGeachie!

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up, and especially to Peter for his highly successful year as Seniors’ Captain both in Committee and on the course!

Some of the AGM attendees

More attendees….

Wed 4th Dec – Stableford The course was closed due to fog.
Peter McGeachie - Seniors Captain
Ron Gooch - League Captain
Bert Neo - Fixtures Secretary
John Beville - Treasurer
Bob Reed Member (Minutes)
John Willcocks Competition Secretary
Graham Spearpoint Buchanan Co-ordinator
Jeff Smith (Committee Member)

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